Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Using eTherapi’s Online Therapy Software to Deal with Depression

Online therapy for people who suffer from depression can be particularly beneficial. The underlining symptoms that depressed individuals can experience are fatigue, restlessness, and indecisiveness. Depression can be successfully treated in sessions with a mental health professional. However, the very symptoms of the condition may hinder an individual from seeking treatment and in turn worsen the condition.
A depressed individual may find himself or herself in the following states:
  1. Feeling too tired or fatigued to get dressed, to leave the house, to drive, and to use transportation
  2. Not feeling comfortable with speaking intimately about personal issues
  3. Feeling concerned with the costs for depression treatment

Online therapy with eTherapi may be the ideal solution that addresses all the above issues and ease the conflicts associated.
  1. Accessibility: Anywhere and anytime an individual can have a session with a credentialed depression specialist. There is no need to be concerned with getting prepared or dressed to leave the house. Moreover, it not necessary to drive or access transportation to get to an appointment.
  2. Security: Sessions are held over private and secure online connections. Specialist are experienced and credentialed in the field of depression, with strict HIPPA compliance for privacy and confidentiality
  3. Less costs: Online therapy reduces costs associated with office visits, which include transportation to a session, loss of time from work due to lengthy travel time and loss of personal time.
  4. Personal boundaries: Individuals, feeling embarrassment, shame, shyness, and timidness, may feel awkward, uncomfortable and restricted when speaking with a specialist in the intimacy of a strange room, not to mention a room outside of their comfort zone. Individuals may feel more at ease to speak in their home and a familiar environment. Another advantage of online therapy for sensitive individuals is that indirect contact (not being in the same room) triggers less emotional distractions, hence more mindfulness. Pre-adolescent and adolescent individuals may prefer online therapy methodologies.

Online therapy with eTherapi ( the most customizable way to meet an individual’s complete needs in life: time, cost, location, age, emotions, physical health, and disabilities. Online platforms enable specialists, to effectively administer online tools to improve, enhance, and support therapy sessions, with the use of assessments, messaging and if necessary games. A myriad of social informative tools exist and are currently being developed to effectively diagnose and treat depression. Most of all, online therapy has not boundaries for patients to receive treatment and for specialist to treat them and this is a win-win for everyone.